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Intelligent, targeted

Advertising and information

Today, modern communication is also carried out in the pharmacy via various media and channels. We support you multimedia at the POS, in the self service area and in the shop window. Take advantage of the moment when your customer has to wait and present your range of services in multimedia. Studies show that moving multimedia images at the POS trigger spontaneous and impulsive purchases.

The online portal »OPTIMUM Pharmacy TV” gives you quick and convenient access to one of the largest online databases for pharmacies.

With the OPTIMUM Pharmacy-TV system, you rely on the most individual and up-to-date marketing tool for your pharmacy.



  • Inform about promotions, offers, services, etc.
  • Latest news, regional weather data, bioweather and pollen flight information
  • You are your own program manager
  • Control of Pharmacy-TV and emergency service via the Internet from any computer with internet access
  • Pharmacy TV in suitable size for shelf area, self service area, shop window and emergency service system
  • Fast and convenient access to one of the largest online databases for pharmacies
  • Access to current TV commercials of the OTC manufacturers
  • Current product photo databases with well over 20,000 products
  • Product-neutral films on health topics and services
  • Layout templates and neutral artwork for individual presentations
  • Personal storage space for your own pictures, graphics, and movies
  • Design of the content online for the pharmacy or branch pharmacies centrally from any computer with internet access

Easy to use with the online software

You can create your pharmacy TV presence via our online portal “OPTIMUM Pharmacy TV” and simply plan your emergency service advertisement. Do you like to plan in advance? No problem! With our timer you can set the runtime for each spot. This is how you specify when and how long a spot should run.

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Selection of current TV spots of the OTC manufacturers and design of the Pharmacy-TV program by drag’n’drop in seconds.

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Simple and fast design of your own offers and promotions.

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Clear planning of the emergency service, where no data from the chambers can be read in.

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