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modern & timeless

Digital shelf labeling

Moving images – Always a magnet for every customer. Add the digital headers to your shelves and personalize your shelf label. Present offers and promotions in combination with your choice of view and create an additional eye-catcher in your pharmacy via individually designed content.

The days when you were tied to a theme, brand, or season because of the shelf labeling in your viewing choice are over. Present indication topics in combination with seasonal image themes and change your shelf label from your PC, depending on your placement plan.

Modern communication for your pharmacy via various media and channels!

Digital Shelf-Header


  • Personalized labeling of the shelves depending on the season, theme, etc.
  • Information about promotions, offers, services, etc.
  • Control of content from any computer with internet access

Animated shelf-Header

An eye catcher in your pharmacy

Complete your shelves with moving images and create an eye-catcher in your pharmacy with the digital headers. You can stock your shelves according to your wishes or season and are not bound to a theme by the signage.

Content and Design

Customizable according to your wishes

As with pharmacy TV, you are your own programme manager. Access prepared content in our database or have our graphics individually made for your promotions, offers and much more by our graphics team.

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