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Optimum Media GmbH is an independent, owner-managed company based in Rotenburg/Wümme, Lower Saxony. For more than 25 years, Optimum Media with its diverse products has been one of the specialists for the integration of multimedia systems in pharmacies. More than 650 pharmacists worldwide have already supplemented their pharmacies with an OPTIMUM solution.

Whether advertising monitor in the pharmacy or suitable for sunlight in the shop window, touch-shelves, self-service terminal or video wall; we will find the individually suitable complete solution for every pharmacist. We always work together with well-known suppliers and pay attention to precise workmanship, high-quality materials, innovative and reliable technology.


You have the pharmacy

we have the OPTIMUM-solution!

Opt for one of the innovative OPTIMUM solutions because you want to inspire, advise and inform your customers individually and flexibly in your pharmacy.

We will find with you the individual and optimal solution according to your wishes and specifications. From planning to implementation, you have a contact person.

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Our team for your success!

Oliver Müller

Managing Director

Monique Krah

Executive Assistant

R. Schmitz

Techincal Managemen

Kim Schenk

Graphics and Design

Chrsitian Gersdorf

Motion Designer

Maike Fröhlich

Trainee Office Administration

Become part of our team!

Are you looking for a place in a creative team that you can support? Then you’ve come to the right place! With us you can give free rein to your creative mind and contribute your know-how to our work processes. You help the team and the team helps you.

Going Green

Sustainability in day-to-day business

When planning our new building, which was completed in 2020, we not only thought about optimizing our business processes, but also about improving our energy efficiency.

By using a modern ventilation system throughout the office building, our employees are able to work with a constant room climate and filtered air. To reduce our electricity consumption, the complete lighting is equipped with LED bulbs. We generate all the electricity for our everyday office life with a large photovoltaic system that extends over the entire roof area.

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Initiative for the future

Planting trees for Lower Saxony

For years, climate change, storms and pests such as the bark beetle have been affecting the forests in Lower Saxony. The forest is essential for the survival of people and nature as well as for our local forestry and timber industry. Around a quarter of Lower Saxony’s land area is covered with forest. The initiative “Planting trees for Lower Saxony” wants to counteract this trend and is committed to sustainable afforestation in Lower Saxony. Each of us can participate and become a tree godmother or tree sponsor for the planting of a seedling with a donation of only 5.00 euros.

Optimum Media is therefore supporting the initiative “Planting Trees for Lower Saxony” of Antenne Niedersachsen, the fit4future natur initiative of the fit4future foundation Germany and the Niedersächsischen Ministerium für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Verbraucherschutzwith a donation of 100 trees.

The foresters of the Lower Saxony Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection coordinate the planning and planting of the seedlings. This ensures that the right tree species also come to the right locations. Great importance is attached to the sustainability of the initiative. Therefore, the seedlings are provided with a bite protection to avoid wildlife damage. Care is also ensured for at least three years.

Further information on the initiative “Planting trees for Lower Saxony” and donation opportunities can be found here.